The 1st Rainmaker Traveling irrigation systems were designed and built in the early eighties by Mike Hewitt, founder of Rotrix Africa and a specialist in irrigation systems, who realised back then the need for a reliable mechanised travelling irrigation system that would not let the farmer down.

The Rotrix range of travelling irrigation systems have continuously improved during the past 3 decades and even as you read this introduction we are striving to improve the performance and efficiency of our irrigation machines making them one of the most effective and cost efficient, travelling irrigation systems available in Africa.

Rotrix Africa manufactures a range of different models to accommodate all the various application requested.

The larger Rainmaker Agriculture models can be ordered to accommodate 300m, 250m and 200m runs. The smaller units are better suited for the smaller lands, sports field and golf courses.

We have a dedicated team waiting to assist you with your inquiry, ensuring you get the best service and advise. We have export branches in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Namibia and Botswana.

If you are in the market for mechanised irrigation and have block lands then it would be well worth your while to consider the Rainmaker as an alternative labour saving Irrigation system.


Jasper Hewitt


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Rotrix Irrigators are unique irrigation systems with many advantages


Capital cost per ha dramatically reduced.


The automatic watering systems can be easily moved and set-up by two labourers.


Our irrigation systems are designed for low running costs.


Operators irrigates large areas without supervision.


Can be used with existing pump and mainline systems.


Water application can be adjusted and well managed.


Quickly set-up or moved from one field to another.






Maize, Wheat, Potatoes, Soya Beans, Paprica,

Tobacco, Sugar Cane, Vegetables, Onions, Pastures,

Lucern,Vineyards and Citrus

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